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Haunted Florida


There is a spiritual enclave in central Florida called Cassadaga. How could a town that is so serene and tranquil be so haunted and supernaturally active? The heart of Cassadaga is its hotel. The historic landmark is home to perhaps hundreds of spirits. Many contemplate that the hotel acts as a portal or vortex. I, personally, have had many ghostly encounters while staying at the Cassadaga Hotel. Hearing strange noises when no one is present, feelings of being watched and most strangely, seeing a rocking chair rock back and forth by itself. Cassadaga is indeed a haunted town, yet it promotes a spiritual and harmonious vibe. This place is a "must see" if you are ghost hunting in Florida.

Myrtle Hill Cemetery

Just outside the partying streets of Ybor City, sits a quiet graveyard not known to many. Myrtle Hill Cemetery is the sight of a haunted mausoleum. Upon opening the glass double doors of this home for the dead, one can hear the muffled whispers of restless souls conversing. A cold touch on your shoulder sends a shudder down your spine. What are these spirits trying to tell the living? After spending many creepy nights behind the glass doors, I still do not know the answer. However, I do know that this place is very unsettling. The smell of decay emanates from behind the crypt faces. Cobwebs cover silk, faded flowers and a random spider trickles down from the ceiling high above. It's the perfect setting for a haunting. Myrtle Hill is one of the most actively haunted cemeteries I have ever visited and being that I have been to Salem, that says alot. So, if you are a graveyard girl (or guy!) be sure to stop off at this cemetery. Hopefully, it won't be your final destination.

Herlong Mansion

Beyond the ancient oaks dripping with spanish moss, stands a stately, southern mansion in Micanopy. Within the walls of this beautiful, old abode, a restless soul lingers. A woman by the name of Inez lived at The Herlong Mansion many moons ago. Inez was a Herlong daughter and was given the house after a nasty family feud. On the first day of owning her new home, Inez collapsed and tragically died in one of the bedrooms. Today the mansion, which serves as a bed and breakfast, is reputed to be haunted by Inez's ghost. The room with the most supernatural activity has been rumored to be Mae's Room, which is where Inez took her last breath. Many guests have reportedly met Inez Herlong, including myself. She is a benevolent spirit, kind and nurturing. The first encounter I had with her, she came to me as I was drifting off to sleep. I felt her touch and smelled the sweet smell of a nostalgic fragrance, much like violets. Although I did not feel threatened by Inez, I was unable to sleep that entire night. If you don't mind a little southern hospitality from a ghost, then The Herlong Mansion is the perfect overnight stay.

The Vinoy

Just across from the bay in downtown St. Petersburg, stands an elegant and historic landmark. The Vinoy is a hotel that dates back to the mid-1920's, a time when heeled shoes tapped to the charleston and attire was proper. Starlets were graceful and beautiful, gentlemen were debonair and suave. The Vinoy endured until the 1970's when it sat vacant, silent and lifeless. It was later saved from demolition and became rejuvanated. The Vinoy is now one of the best hotels to stay at while visiting St. Petersburg. However, it also rumored that many a soul have checked in to the Vinoy, but never checked out. The hotel is a supernatural site in the downtown area. The fifth floor is reputedly the most haunted floor of the Vinoy. Most of the ghostly sightings have been encountered here. Some guests have reported seeing a man in a top hat, while others have seen a spectral woman in white walking this floor. Other ghostly stories include seeing two apparitions dancing and of smelling a distinct perfume when no one is present. The Vinoy is indeed a masterpiece in this art loving city. Its timeless beauty lures many a visitor and its haunted history beckons ghost hunters and thrill seekers alike.

Heritage Inn
  Back in 1926, wealthy families from all over the United States flocked to this seasonal hotel. Those who visited felt this warm weather destination to be "a happy place." So much so, that some guests never left. The haunted Heritage Inn is now residence to many different spirits. A little girl is said to wander aimlessly through the carpeted corridors, perhaps searching for the family she left behind. A man in work boots has been spotted in the lobby, as well as the kind soul of an elderly woman in a wheelchair. The Heritage was not just a seasonal hotel, but also served as a nursing home and boarding house at one time. Just a few steps away from the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, The Heritage Inn is a worthy contender among the most haunted structures in town.

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